International Ocean freight            

At Airlansea LLC, the size of your shipment does not matter, whether less-than-container loads (LCL), Full container loads (FCL), oversized cargo, special equipment or roll-on-roll-off (RoRo) shipping, we can meet your needs.   We will recommend the most economical and efficient route to ensure that your shipment arrive at their destinations on time and also saving you money.


Less-than-container-load (LCL) or container consolidation*: Less-than-container-load or container consolidation simply refers to a shipment (cargo or vehicles) that is not up to a full container load. It is combining Cargo of different consignees into one lot and then prepares it for shipping.  Have you done LCL or container consolidation or cargo consolidation in the past and the experience was not good? We got solutions.


Here is our SOLUTIONS FOR LCL shipment:

  1. Shipping cost must be paid before your car(s) or cargo are loaded in a container

  2. Cost of the clearing has to be documented and agreed on

  3. Once the vessel is confirmed to have sailed from the U.S, half or full cost of clearing your car or cargo is immediately due.

  4. A week before arrivals of the vessels, customers are notified and all applicable clearing cost must be fully paid to a designated agent to avoid demurrages at destination.  


We will further explain less-than-container-load or container consolidation or cargo consolidation by these typical scenarios:


  1. Madam Mummy has a car or cars she has already or intends to load with goods/personal items and the only way to ship such a car (loaded with stuff) from the U.S to Nigeria is by container.

  2. Mr. Master has a nice car that he doesn’t want scratched or vandalized; he has to ship via container to get a peace of mind. And also doesn’t want to pay for the whole container

  3. Brother Bros has 2 cars that will not fit a 20ft container, but will fit a 40ft container with some space left and does not have other cargo to fill up a the 40ft container. He wants to share a 40ft container which will save him money.

  4. Sister Sisi has goods but not enough to fill an entire container, what can she do?  Her option is to consolidate and save money.


Full Container Load (FCL): simply refers to having only your cargo in a container and not sharing with other shipments. In FCL, your cargo does not have to fill the entire container and can be shipped to any destination partially filled. Exporters can do this for many reasons such as; deadlines, time constraints, avoidance of contamination from other shipments or don’t just want to share a container. That is perfectly acceptable.  We can assist you to load your container at our warehouse or you may request a container dropped off at a specified location. When you decide to load your own container, it will be brought to the specified location on truck and you will have 2 hours to load. This is called “live load”. If you need more time, please contact us and make your request in advance. Additional time will be assessed by the hour. 



There are many types of containers; they vary in sizes and have different uses. The common container types are:

  • 20ft standard dry

  • 20ft flat rack

  • 20ft refrigerated

  • 20ft open top

  • 40ft standard dry

  • 40ft flat rack

  • 40ft high cube

  • 40ft refrigerated

  • 40ft open top

  • 45ft high cube dry


Please contact us if you are need further assistance in choosing the right container for your cargo.