TRUCK freight  

This service refers to the movement of cargo from a specified location (your location or your supplier’s location) to the sea port or to our warehouse by land. A lot of times, the journey of your cargo to the various international destinations starts here.


Different types of equipment may be used to move cargo (vehicle, equipment or general goods), and they include, open trucks, pickups, box trucks, dock highs, flat beds, heavy trucks and trailers.


The nature of cargo will determine the right type of equipment to safely move your cargo. We can help you determine the best option to move your cargo. Contact us with any question or fill out the booking form and or cargo pick up request form.


When cargo finally gets to their international Airports or Sea ports, and after clearing customs, the land freight may as well be the last mode of delivering your cargo to your door. Numerous times we have picked up cargo from clients houses in the U.S. and delivered to their houses in their Villages, this is mostly called door to door. That is why we can say; we deliver on every level!

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